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Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

So natural. So vital.

We breathe in and out 10 to 12 times a minute, calmly, relaxed and without being aware of what our body and lungs are doing in that moment. But what happens when these 10 to 12 breaths are no longer easy and natural? What happens when breathing suddenly becomes an effort, when every breath is a challenge? That’s where we come in.

For over 35 years, the name Löwenstein has stood for innovative ventilation and respiratory therapy. We research, develop, advise and always think one step ahead when it comes to providing patients, physicians and medical professionals with safety in ventilation.

16 letters. 4 words. A commitment for us.

Ventilation expertise.
From a single source.

Uncompromisingly great. One point of contact in all areas.

Diagnostics. Hospital. Homecare. From diagnosis to hospital stays to care in the comfort of one’s own home, we stand by our patients every step of the way.  We provide guidance to hospitals as well as medical professionals and ensure that our products remain at the forefront of development. Our corporate ethos compels us to provide service that goes far beyond the ordinary. Because for us, it's always about everything. About life.

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We manufacture and develop medical technology with the aim of improving people's quality of life. Our company's roots lie in neonatology, the ventilation of premature babies.

Here we have learned how important it is to ventilate gently and effectively. That is why our aim, particularly in intensive care ventilation, is to mimic the natural breathing rhythm and support independent breathing as much as possible, gradually guiding patients back to their individual breathing.

In intensive care ventilation, devices must be intuitive to operate to avoid errors. We develop medical technology with intelligent, ergonomic, and user-friendly designs. Whether in intensive care ventilation or anesthesia. For this, we not only receive design awards, but above all the appreciation of our patients.

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With the aim of improving patient care through innovative solutions, Löwenstein has been developing sleep apnea therapy devices since the early 1990s. Since then, our patients have finally been able to sleep through the night again and wake up refreshed in the morning. Our ventilators enable patients to lead a self-determined and mobile life. In addition, our solutions for oxygen therapy can also be optimally integrated into everyday life.

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Daytime fatigue, decreased performance and cardiovascular diseases can be the consequences of disrupted sleep.

From suspicion to the diagnosis of sleep apnea, Löwenstein accompanies the entire process with the right devices and also offers additional solutions for the organization and equipment of the sleep laboratory. Löwenstein is the market leader in sleep diagnostics in Germany and provides a comprehensive product portfolio in this area.

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Training and service are always part of the package for us.

Even the best solution in ventilation and respiratory therapy requires training and support. That's why Löwenstein places great importance on service. We personally take care of technical issues, maintenance and product instructions because we know our devices well and can therefore act quickly, effectively and sustainably.

To ensure that safety is always our top priority, Löwenstein offers comprehensive device training for all users as part of the Löwenstein Academy - either in person or online.

The Academy also offers e-learning courses such as tutorials, videos, presentations and webinars.

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We know what we're working for.

And we're here when you need us.

With more than 200 locations and comprehensive oxygen deliveries, Löwenstein has established a nationwide network for the best patient care in Germany.

Our idea of service doesn't end with providing a patient with a ventilator, mask, or medical device. We offer the complete package and have many ways to help individually and effectively where we are needed. On-site. Easily accessible. For professionals, patients, and their families.

E-Mail: info@loewensteinmedical.com
Phone: +49 2603 9600-0