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Anesthesia comes from the Greek and means "lack of sensation". From this we can deduce that anesthesia is the process of putting the whole body or just certain parts of the body into a state of insensibility. The goal is to suppress or prevent pain, making medical procedures and healing processes possible. Colloquially, this method is often referred to as narcosis.

The field of anesthesia has evolved significantly in recent years. While the primary goal remains to alleviate and prevent pain, the roles of anesthesiologists have changed and expanded, leading to increased demands on anesthesia workstations. The scope of work now extends from traditional surgeries to monitoring vital body functions and modern diagnostic procedures, making the field highly diverse.

May we present our products to you?

We set trends with our anesthesia devices and products. We reflect and develop integrable features that meet current anesthesia requirements. Our anesthesia assistants can be fully integrated into your specific working environment and precisely adapted to your personal workflows. This creates platforms that offer support and safety. For you. For your patients.

Anesthesia devices

With Leon and Leon plus, Löwenstein Medical has developed anesthesia assistants, which offer optimal support in everyday work through their technical excellence. Leon and Leon plus combine a proven hygiene concept and ergonomical design with modern cutting-edge technology and sophisticated expansion options. The Leon mri has been added to the Leon family specifically for use in the MRI environment. It combines the functions of the Leon plus with MRI suitability. The right device for every situation.

Disposable Absorbers

Löwenstein Medical offers disposable absorbers with a high CO2 absorption capacity, perfectly suited for the devices of the Leon family.

Digital documentation

A digital revolution in modern anesthesia. Digitalization offers the opportunity to increase patient safety in anesthesia. With the help of software solutions, relevant patient and device data can be documented easily, quickly and reliably. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth, independent of the hospital network.


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