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LEOlytics.anesthesia is the digital mobile solution for the iPad to document all phases of anesthesia care. The software can be used to ensure uncomplicated documentation from patient admission to postoperative management.

Innovative anesthesia documentation.

Whether it's outpatient premedication, the induction unit, the operating room, the patient transfer area, or the post-anesthesia care unit. The software is designed for workflow mobility and can support you wherever you are. This means that critical information is always available where and when it is needed.

These days, introducing and operating a PDMS doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s now commonplaceto learn new applications on smartphones  and tablets intuitively with minimal instruction.

LEOlytics.anesthesia transfers familiar digital process structures to anesthesia documentation; everyone, even those with no iPad experience, can learn the technology within 3 hours.

With its innovative networking solution, LEOLytics is integrated into the hospital network, but is not dependent on a hospital network during induction or surgery; instead it uses its own communication system. Data is automatically captured without cable connections or hospital networks.

The simple installation together with clear design and modular architecture reveal their strength: LEOlytics.anesthesia can be introduced ready for use in the hospital within two months.

The mobility acquired enables information always to be available immediately when and where it is required - whether that’s outpatient premedication, induction unit, operating theatre, patient transfer area, or post-anesthesia care unit.

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Professional requirements keep changing. Thus, the individual configurations stored can be modified and expanded at any time. Specific hospital requirements and user-specific features can be taken into account.

Using the iPad camera not only contributes to increased safety but also improves the completeness of documentation. Scanning the barcode prevents typos when entering the case number. Photos of the letter of referral, the patient’s dental status or positioning during surgery increase the information content and authenticity of the documentation, thus improving quality of treatment.

A catalogue of well over 100 questions with a total of several hundred multiple-choice answers is available for the medical history and can be supplemented, modified and, if required, grouped together.

Plausibility and completeness checks, which can also be configured in line with hospital policies, likewise enable the treatment to be comprehensively documented in accordance with regulations. A documentation standard can be established across the hospital quite easily through the use of additional personalised text modules.

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Handwritten documenting of measurements from anesthesia and monitoring equipment is time-consuming, error-prone and contestable.

Easy, automated data recording by medical devices guarantees that the attending physicians and hospital are provided with a high level of safety for complete, accurate documentation.

There is an increasing focus on concern over data protection in hospitals. Long before the European General Data Protection Regulation entered into force, hospitals found themselves faced with a wide variety of data protection issues which have significantly changed the requirements for digital documentation systems.

Different levels of access rights, optimum encryption methods, central management and monitoring of iPads and blocking usability outside the hospital site are only a few of LEOlytics.anesthesia’s modules to guarantee data protection.

Access controls, data histories and activity logging also ensure maximum security so that you always stay informed of who entered or amended which information and when this was done.

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The healthcare sector is in the middle of a digital transformation. Maximum networking, mobility and flexibility along with maximum safety and intuitive application are the requirements of the future.

Treatment protocols have to be increasingly individualised and optimised.

There is demand for intelligent systems that assist doctors in diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making based on the captured data.

LEOlytics.anesthesia allows individual adjustments at any time to support new department standards, variable billing regulations, or to introduce controlling of key performance indicators.

LEOlytics.anesthesia provides information for analysing treatment data, improving treatment quality, optimising treatment plans, or for research projects.

Moreover, due to its modern architecture, LEOlytics.anesthesia today offers the intelligent environment for tomorrow.

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