Leon mri

Especially for use in the MRI environment.

The Leon mri from Löwenstein Medical complements the Leon product family and was developed for use in heart catheter laboratory or MRI. Warranty is provided for operation on 1.5 tesla and 3.0 tesla MRI systems. To ensure high safety for patients, alarms and notices are clearly displayed in different colors depending on the alarm priority by the LED light, which is clearly visible from all sides. The distance between the device and the MRI is monitored using an integrated magnetic field strength monitor.

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The advantages of the Leon mri.

The performance range and operation of the Leon mri match those of the proven Leon model precisely - no limitations. Like the Leon plus, the Leon mri has an optional Neonatal mode. Because of the similarity in operation between the two units, users can easily switch between them. In addition, the heated compact circulation systems are easily interchangeable between the Leon, Leon plus and Leon mri, which is a major logistical advantage in use.

The Leon mri is the only device in its class that can be equipped with an integrated CO2 and anesthesia gas monitoring in order to be able to check the current settings at any time and to detect any indications that the settings need to be adjusted.

The 12" color TFT screen provides a clear view of patient data. The screen's touchscreen technology is designed for use in the MRI environment and is MRI compatible. In addition, a second monitor can be connected to the Leon mri for viewing data outside the MRI area.

Patients of all ages can be treated with integrated ventilation technology. In addition, the optional neonatal mode upgrade provides the ability to care for neonates.

Product features

Network capability

Leon and Leon plus are network-capable and can be connected directly to popular PDMS systems. The Leon mri is also networkable. Data is transmitted via fiber optic technology without interfering with the functions of the MRI.

Flexible absorber change

The disposable absorber used can be replaced flexibly during operation.

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