Functional Design for Hospitals and Medical Facilities.

Sinus, the anesthesia system for a wide range of applications. It can be used both in the hospital and in the practice. The system enables both manual ventilation and spontaneous breathing in adults and children. Sinus can be used with the ISO circulation system or with a semi-open anesthetic system.

The flexible alternative for "small" anesthesia.

The Sinus anesthesia system from Löwenstein Medical offers flexible options for use in different facilities and can be modularly adapted to local conditions. The SinusTR version is specially designed for mobile use and is suitable for use in multiple locations or for transport.

The system can be supplied with the necessary gases O2, N2O and/or AIR in two different ways. On the one hand, a supply via wall tapping points, a centralgas supply system is possible. On the other hand, 10-liter bottles that can be placed on the optional mobile stand to ensure the gas supply.

The Sinus has three measuring tubes, with a special arrangement to facilitate fine dosing in low-flow operation. A minimum oxygen dosage ORS (Oxygen Ratio System) ensures maximum patient safety.

Sinus has various features for optimum integration into the environment. The integrated wall mount, the retractable handle, the extendable circulation system holder, the cover to close the device and the suitably designed mobile stand offer a wide range of possible applications. Easy mounting/dismounting is made possible by the integrated holder on the rear.

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