Intensive care medicine.

Life is breathing.

Intensive care ventilation can be a lifesaver. Both in emergencies and in the intensive care units. The primary goal is to provide lung-protective ventilation and to wean patients off ventilation as early as possible. Ventilation is used when a patient's spontaneous breathing is insufficient or absent to maintain the necessary body functions.

Löwenstein Medical's ventilators take over or support the work of breathing for as long as necessary and as short as possible. Innovative lung monitoring technologies, analytical tools, data management and intelligent interface technologies help to achieve this goal. Gentle and successful ventilation in intensive care. Ensuring that everything goes well and stays well.

Our goal is not only to provide patients with gentle support through ventilation and to offer them the highest level of safety. Additionally, during the development, production and distribution of our devices, we place great value on the safety of medical professionals. Supporting them in their daily routine. Simplifying workflows. Ensuring more time for patient care and attention.

May we present our products for the intensive care unit?

Our agile system architecture of the elisa family makes it possible to implement your respective in-house standard, helping to prevent operating errors and reduce training efforts.

Innovative. Intuitive. Sustainable.

Intensive care ventilators

With us, you will find the device that best suits your requirements and your environment. Our broad portfolio offers the perfect system for various patient conditions, whether in the intensive care unit, intermediate care unit, emergency room or during transport.

Humidifier intensive care ventilation

To complement our intensive care ventilators, we offer respiratory air humidifiers for all conceivable requirements. These humidifiers moisten the respiratory gas, ensuring that the mucous membranes of mechanically ventilated patients are protected from drying out.

Intensive care ventilation accessories


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