AIRcon Gen2

Modern technology, innovative design.

The AIRcon Gen2 respiratory air humidifier has undergone extensive further development and is among the most advanced humidifiers available on the market today. As a fully equipped humidification system, the AIRcon Gen2 with its extensive range of accessories is quick and easy to install, ensuring safe operation. The optimized microprocessor control allows for even more precise and efficient humidification performance settings, ensuring maximum flexibility in application. In a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, this contributes significantly to increased safety and stable therapy outcomes.

Thanks to its technical innovations, the AIRcon Gen2 is suitable for almost any application requiring reliable and active humidification: from low flow rates for ventilation of tiny patients to very high flow rates for adults undergoing nasal high flow oxygen therapy.

A successful unit.

The AIRcon Gen2 meets both the medical needs and the economic expectations of the market. The result is a physiologically optimized patient gas that protects the mucous membranes of the mechanically ventilated patient from dehydration and prevents impairment of mucociliary clearance.

The AIRcon Gen2 is designed to be compatible with various ventilators to make it as flexible and universal as possible.

aircon gen2 intensive care ventilators humidifier device left

The respiratory air humidifier has 3 modes of operation (IV, NIV, FREE), an automatic dimming function, and the ability to pause therapy when necessary.

aircon gen2 intensive care ventilators humidifier device right

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