The key to esophageal and transpulmonary pressure monitoring.

PesoCath was developed for esophageal and transpulmonary pressure monitoring. The aim is to reduce ventilator-associated complications (VALI / VILI), in particular by reducing the mechanical pressure and volume load on the lungs. Lung-protective ventilation is therefore only possible with regular adjustment of the ventilator settings to the individual lung function. Regular adjustment requires continuous Peso measurements, which can be carried out using the PesoCath.

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The benefits of PesoCath.

Damage to the patient's lungs can be minimized on the PesoCath esophageal catheter. Pressure monitoring allows ventilation to be adapted to the patient's current needs. The aim is to ensure a positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) too high at a low therapy pressure and thus lung-protective ventilation.

The wire-in-wire solution and the special coating make it easy to withdrawal the guide wire.

pesocath oesophageal catheter wire in wire system freigestellt

PesoCath offers a direct connection with a practical crown cap for enteral nutrition of the patient. This connection complies with the next standard for enteral nutrition connectors according to DIN EN ISO 80369.

pesocath oesophageal catheter enteral nutrition freigestellt

The specially integrated esophageal balloon enables excellent response to erratic changes in pressure during ventilation and is designed for the dynamic requirements of transpulmonary pressure measurement.

pesocath oesophageal catheter oesophageal balloon freigestellt

PesoCath can be connected to the respective ventilator via a interface. This connection is specially designed for esophageal and transpulmonary pressure monitoring or, depending on position, for gastric pressure.

pesocath oesophageal catheter ventilator interface

In an emergency, PesoCath offers a direct channel for emergency suctioning, for auscultation and for draining gastric juices. The esophageal catheter provides additional safety for the patient. This channel also serves as a working channel for insertion of the introducer wire, auscultatory monitoring of gastric position, and gastric juice drainage.

pesocath oesophageal catheter wire in wire system freigestellt


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PesoCath – the key for oesophageal and transpulmonary pressure monitoring

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