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Outstanding product quality. Made in Germany.

Manufacturer, service provider and developer.

Löwenstein develops innovative medical technology. We are proud of this. However, we also know that every person and every therapy is individual and that the solution must be tailored accordingly. For this very reason, our idea of service does not end with the sale of a ventilator, a mask or a medical aid. This is where responsibility begins for us. In the search for individual solutions for our patients and customers, we supplement our portfolio with products and services from other companies and keep an eye on markets and trends.
That's why you can be sure that Löwenstein will always offer you the best options.

Quality deserves the name Löwenstein.

Löwenstein develops and manufactures medical technology in Germany. To be awarded the "Made in Germany" seal, the manufacturing process - from development to design to production - must have taken place in Germany. This means that we have quality control in our hands at all times and can guarantee that our products are synonymous with safety, reliability and durability. Both nationally and internationally, Löwenstein is a name that raises high expectations and fulfills them. Innovative ventilation technology "made in Germany".

Quality Management
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Making visible what is vital.

Good design is successful communication.

Löwenstein wins design awards with its own medical technology. We believe that design is also communication. Löwenstein products are quick, easy and error-free to operate. A clear design language and a visual focus on the essentials help to achieve this. This provides safety.

The largest portfolio. International.

As a manufacturer and provider, we have the largest portfolio for ventilation and respiratory therapy in the world. Our independence makes us fast and flexible. We pass this on to you. Whether alone or in combination with other brands and manufacturers. We develop the best concept for your ventilation environment, supply you with our products and provide you with support at questions, service and training.

Löwenstein sees itself as a partner. We walk the path together with you. We are there when we are needed and are happy when everyone is doing well. This is what makes work meaningful and fun for us.

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May we support you?

We are service providers by conviction and know the problems of everyday life because we are close to life and close to our customers. Use us and our experience if you have questions or are looking for solutions. We are at your side, real team players and never far away when you need us, because a good service provider should be within easy reach. At Löwenstein, quality is not a coincidence, but the result of time and dedication. Time that we invest in asking questions and understanding. Attention that is a second nature to us, because it is always about people and improving quality of life. If we have listened carefully and asked the right questions, our products become better and our services more tailored to a life with ventilation. We are at your service.

The toughest test is everyday life.

Our products convince. Every day. We take the feedback we receive from patient care and from our customers and incorporate it into developments, recommendations and training. The aim is to continuously improve our products and thus offer optimal support in everyday life. To live up to this claim, we involve patients and users in the development and decision-making processes at an early stage. We welcome feedback. Let's stay in touch.

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