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Tiny fighters, big challenges.

The first breath is a challenge. Especially for premature babies. These delicate bodies need help and the best possible support to learn to breathe on their own. That's where we come in. With our expertise and innovative ventilation technology. At birth, the newborn's body has to adapt to its new environment within a very short time. If problems arise during this process, we step in. Löwenstein Medical supports neonatology professionals so that the smallest members of our society have a good start in life.

Neonatology. This is where Löwenstein has its roots. This is where we have our expertise in thermotherapy and phototherapy and specifically in neonatal ventilation. Premature and newborn babies place high demands on their treatment. Their small lungs need to be ventilated particularly gently. Modern concepts in particular, like the implementation of gentle care or the patient-specific treatment of respiratory disorders, require development-oriented solutions for these little patients.

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With over 30 years of experience in neonatology, Löwenstein offers a powerful product portfolio for ventilation, NIV, thermotherapy and phototherapy that is tailored to the individual needs of patients and users.

For our tiny patients. With all our dedication.

Neonatal ventilators

Our ventilators and accessories are specially designed to meet the needs of premature and newborn infants: From long-term ventilation in intensive care units, intensive care transport of critically ill children to support spontaneous breathing and high flow therapy in regular care units, Löwenstein Medical always provides the right equipment for every situation. Special transport devices complete the ventilator portfolio to ensure adequate ventilation even in transport settings.

Because breathing means life.


Phototherapy is used to treat neonatal jaundice in premature and newborn infants to prevent kernicterus as the most significant complication. Powerful LED technology ensures consistent light intensity throughout the device’s lifespan without any loss of performance. Bilibluelight is ready to use immediately and almost maintenance-free thanks to LED technology. The Bilibluelight bilirubin lamp from Löwenstein Medical is an effective and pioneering phototherapy system for reducing bilirubin levels in the serum.


In addition to ventilation, optimal heat management is an important part of neonatology. In order to create an ideal environment for the neonates with an ideal and developmentally supportive environment, various products can be used to ensure uniform heat distribution.


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