Reliable phototherapy for our tiny patients.

The bilirubin lamp bilibluelight from Löwenstein Medical is an effective, modern phototherapy system for reducing serum bilirubin levels. The bilibluelight lamp is user-friendly thanks to its intuitive operation, high-quality design and low weight.

The advantages of bilibluelight.

The bilibluelight is equipped with powerful high-quality LEDs with a capacity of over 40,000 operating hours. The optimum wavelength ensures maximum bilirubin reduction. The compact and low weight bilibluelight can be perfectly integrated into neonatology and pediatric wards and is also optionally available on a mobile stand.

The bilibluelight lamp provides an evenly wide light distribution. The wavelength is optimized for the best possible bilirubin reduction.

bilibluelight neonatology phototherapy device with light

LEDs last 40 times longer than compact fluorescent light (CFL) phototherapy systems. This results in a significant reduction in replacement costs and downtime. In addition, power consumption can be reduced by more than 80% compared to conventional 100W lamps; for example, the power drop after 40,000 hours of operation is less than 15%.

bilibluelight neonatology phototherapy device wheeled stand

bilibluelight is particularly efficient. The radiation intensity is high, the heat generation is lower than with conventional tube lights, the light distribution is homogeneous and the wavelength is optimized to 458 mm.

bilibluelight neonatology phototherapy device

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