The radiant warmer from Löwenstein Medical.

The radiant warmer Isotherm from Löwenstein was developed to keep changing tables warm and maintain the body temperature of infants. Isotherm is equipped with an integrated halogen examination lamp and a ceramic heating element that generates invisible electromagnetic radiation that is very well absorbed by the infant’s skin. Advantage: The pediatric's skin colour remains neutral. The Isotherm's radiant warmer distributes heat evenly over the surface.

Product benefits at a glance.

The heat output of the isotherm can be individually adjusted to the ambient and body temperature of the pediatric. The radiant warmer offers 4 different preset power levels for this purpose. In addition, the output of each heat level can be individually programmed.

The default settings are adapted to the following applications:
Level 1: Keeping the lying surface warm and continuous operation
Level 2: Normal operation in the changing and examination area
Level 3: Additional heat for resuscitation, delivery room or operating room
Level 4: Increased heat requirements for operating room, anesthesia or adults

Isotherm is available in various mounting options or as a special version and can therefore be used flexibly in different areas, such as wall or ceiling mounting. The mounts and frames are height adjustable, fixed, swivel or movable.

isotherm neonatology heat therapy device ceiling mount

For effective and safe patient warming, controlled radiation intensity is essential. Instead of "more or less", the isotherm concept allows the radiation intensity to be preselected according to the patient's heat requirements and the actual heat radiation applied to the patient to be read.

isotherm neonatology heat therapy device

Isotherm automatically reduces the radiation intensity to a safe value when higher radiation intensities are applied to a patient over a longer period of time.

isotherm neonatology heat therapy device

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