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Designed, developed and produced in Bad Ems, Germany, LEONI 4 offers the state of the art technological reliability required in neonatology – and with an agile system that keeps usability intuitive, configuration needs-based and training requirements low, it goes one step further into the future.

The premium standard in neonatal ventilation: LEONI 4. Developed with over 30 years of expertise and experience in ventilating the most sensitive lungs and tiniest humans. These powerful little fighters and their parents are what motivate us to keep improving. They deserve more precise, customized ventilation from us, and above all, they deserve to be safe. Intuitive to operate, delivering gentle, life-saving ventilation.


Please note that this product is not yet available in all countries. Please contact your local representative if you have any questions.

Pioneering technology in neonatology.

LEONI 4 has made all the important functions even more effective and reliable. Pleasantly familiar, yet innovative and pioneering. Making everyday processes even faster and smoother so that there is time for the important things: a loving touch for our tiniest patients and a reassuring conversation with parents.

High frequency oscillation ventilation.
Lung-protective HFO enables spontaneous breathing without pressure spikes in invasive and non-invasive ventilation with HFO.

NIV trigger.
Synchronized respiratory support for spontaneous breathing efforts. Supports the weaning process through lung-protective ventilation.

Mainstream CO2.
Continuous real-time measurement of the partial pressure of CO2 in the respiratory gas through end-tidal CO2-measurement.

High-flow nasal therapy.
Effective and non-invasive respiratory support. Functional dead space is reduced. No separate circuit required.

Tube concept.
All ventilation modes can be implemented with the same circuit. No time-consuming or risky system changes.

Ventilation performance.
Applicable tidal volumes from 0.1 ml enable ventilation of even the very smallest premature infants.

Battery concept.
The permanently installed battery can be supplemented by two additional batteries. Hot-swappable: safe battery replacement during operation. The remaining runtime in battery mode is reliably displayed.

Modern interface communication.
Secure and flexible communication with external information systems.

Automatic system test.
The automatic system test autonomously checks and monitors all important components.

leoni 4 ventilation premature infants children device

15.6" Full HD display for a detailed view of all values from almost any position in the room. Intuitive understanding of the patient’s condition and any changes.

Security through clarity and selective data choice.

Intuitive operation.
Touch display with easy access bar and additional encoder guarantee reliable user guidance.

Freezing curves.
View and measure curves simultaneously.

Up to 8 curves.
Parameters, curve color, positioning, and prioritization can be selected.

Screenshot function.
Curves and loops can be stored for later analysis.

Help function.
Supports the user with solutions to problems.

Detachable display.
The detachable display can be used to position the display independently of the ventilation unit. Individual bedside configuration is possible.

For that important and peaceful parent/child time. Additional display provides security.

leoni 4 ventilation premature infants children device

Touch display with easy access bar and additional encoder.
Reliable operation using the touch display or the push/turn encoder. Rapid operation from the front. Focus remains on the preemie and the device simultaneously.

Automatic day/night changeover.
Disturbing light effects are reduced and the readability of the display content is improved.

Dimmable LEDs.
Brightness-adaptable illumination enables users to work confidently even in darkened environments.

Alarm management.
Alarms, priorities, and delays can be programmed and forwarded to external devices.

Smart alarm tone management.
Programmable alarm tones.

Reduced noise emissions.
LEONI 4’s intelligent architecture is designed to reduce noise emissions from the device.

‘Parent/child time’ screensaver.
Pleasantly calming visual and acoustic device environment. Relevant ventilation parameters can be viewed at any time on the additional display.

Automatic adjustment to ambient noise level.
Minimal noise emission. Our way of reducing stress for the child, users, and parents.

leoni 4 ventilation premature infants children device

LEONI 4. Love and experience.

The LEONI 4 is the result of decades of experience in neonatology and our love for tiny patients. In all of our products, we take great responsibility for even the smallest detail, so that safety is guaranteed and competence can be experienced. Just like the LEONI 4 - simple and intuitive to use, premium class in medical technology.

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