Leoni plus Transport

Expands treatment options in patient transport with HFO ventilation.

No compromises during out-of-hospital transport - Leoni plus allows you to continue critical care ventilation without restrictions during transport. The device expands the range of applications, especially during patient transport. Thanks to the integrated high-performance battery, off-grid use is feasible for up to 200 minutes in conventional ventilation modes and for up to 60 minutes in HFO. Users can select the number of curves and measurements to customize the display.

The advantages of Leoni plus Transport.

Leoni plus Transport features the ventilation modes CPAP, IPPV/IMV, S-IPPV/SIMV, two PSV modes and NIV (nCPAP, nIPPV, HiFlow, nHFO with Neojet* and HFO). Leoni plus Transport has full approval for ground, helicopter and aircraft transport.


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Leoni Plus - Normal Start up, working out calibration and systemtest

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