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Leoni plus, the ventilator from Löwenstein Medical, is suitable for the long-term ventilation of premature infants, newborns and children weighing up to 30 kg. The very wide range of 38 invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes allows the user to provide optimal and individual care for all patients. Triggered invasive and non-invasive modes, high-frequency oscillation and high flow therapy as well as the option of volume limitation and volume guarantee complete the range of individualization. Leoni plus thus provides reliable support for premature infants and newborns during their difficult start in life.

The advantages of Leoni plus.

The device is easily and intuitively operated via the 12-inch color touchscreen or the control knob. For optimal ergonomic organization of the workspace in the ward, the display can be removed and attached to suit individual needs and working environments. All relevant settings, measurements, alarms and curves and loops are available in a single display. Users can freely configure the display to satisfy their own requirements by choosing the number of curves and loops and measurements.

The precise hot wire flow sensor, designed for placement near the patient, automatically tracks trigger sensitivity relative to the patient’s tidal volume.

leoni plus ventilation premature infants children device

The powerful Leoni High-frequency Oscillatory ventilation (HFO) module, which can be integrated as an option, uses membrane oscillation. Bidirectional flow, adjustable rates between 5 and 20 Hz and amplitudes of up to 100 mbar ensure lung-protective alveolar oxygenation and highly efficient CO2 elimination. HFO is available for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Spontaneous breathing is possible at any time and is supported by adjustable recruitment maneuvers and volume guarantee. Amplitude control is regulated and compensates for leakage and compliance changes.

leoni plus ventilation premature infants children device

The ventilation device can be fully operated through the user interface, which visualizes measurements and alarm settings. Users can determine the current patient status with a glance at the display. CLAC assumes the task of adapting the inspiratory oxygen in the breathing gas (FiO2) by continuously monitoring the needs and condition of the patient and adjusting the device settings accordingly. This leaves clinicians free to focus on other tasks. Of course, manual intervention is possible at all times.

leoni plus clac ventilation premature infants children device


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