NeoJet system

The nCPAP system for premature babies and infants.

The NeoJet system enhances the capabilities of various neonatal ventilators. The system offers the option of non-invasive CPAP and nIPPV therapy to support central and obstructive apnea and spontaneous breathing of premature and fully developed babies. Based on the Benveniste principle, NeoJet provides adjustable, constant positive pressure in the airways of small patients for maximum comfort.

The advantages of the NeoJet system.

Using nasal prongs or soft nasal masks, NeoJet works non-invasively without constricting the airway. The desired CPAP pressure is set, monitored and maintained directly from the ventilator. It is delivered through nasal masks and prongs that allow individual adjustment for small patients. This improves pulmonary gas exchange by maintaining a constant positive airway pressure in the lungs and prevents alveolar collapse (atelectasis).

With this system, Löwenstein Medical offers a cost-effective and innovative application that can be used in the delivery room, intensive care unit and during transport. Neojet is attached to baby‘s head by means of easy-to-use bonnets and to its nose with short nasal prongs or soft nasal masks

neojet neonatology ventilation starter set

NeoJet comes with a flexible tubing nCPAP generator. This generator is designed to support spontaneous breathing in newborns by providing an adjustable jet of continuous positive pressure. Suitable for premature and fully developed newborns.

neojet neonatology ventilation generator

The NeoJet nCPAP generators are offered in a range of fits for neonates. Both the nasal masks and the nasal prongs and bonnets are available in different sizes to ensure an optimal fit and comfort for tiny patients. For a good start in life.

neojet neonatology ventilation bonnets disposable

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