WILAflow Elite

nCPAP ventilation redefined.

WILAflow Elite is a micro-processed-managed non-invasive ventilator. It was specially developed for the ventilation of premature and newborn infants who are particularly susceptible to lung disorders. The device is characterized by a variety of advanced ventilation modes such as triggered NIV ventilation, apnea monitoring, apnea wake-up function and automatic leak compensation.


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The WILAflow Elite ventilator represents the new generation of nCPAP ventilation for premature and newborn infants. The device permits proximate pressure monitoring without affecting the mechanical dead space or lung compliance. The device ensures continuous, precise measurement of the patient’s airway pressure.

A special system provides extra protection for premature infants and neonates during ventilation. The system allows fresh gas flow and airway pressure to be adjusted as needed. In addition, proximal pressure monitoring and real-time leakage compensation ensure stable pressure delivery. Real-time gas compensation is used to maintain stable positive airway pressure in the event of a leakage.

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The neonatal ventilator from WILAmed makes your work easier by providing reliable support. The WILAflow Elite sets the pressure control value fully automatically, eliminating some of the adjustment work and leaving you more time to care for small and sensitive patients.

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At the touch of a button, WILAflow Elite enables highly precise adjustment of the oxygen concentration thanks to electronic air/oxygen mixing technology. Oxygen and air are automatically proportioned. Real-time analysis of selected therapy parameters and oxygen concentration is made possible by the intelligent flow sensor and proportional valve.

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The optional abdominal respiratory sensor allows clinicians to monitor the patient for apneas and low respiratory rates in both nCPAP and bi-phasic modes. In bi-phasic trigger mode, the WILAflow Elite signal box and disposable respiratory sensor allow monitoring of a patient-triggered respiratory rate.

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