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Simply the best. From day one.

LEONI 4 developed with over 30 years of experience.

As early as 1947, the company Heinen GmbH was already a renowned specialist in pediatrics and neonatology. It pioneered clinical care with incubators, heated beds, ventilators, and SIDS monitors for home use. Since the beginnings of Heinen + Löwenstein in 1986, the Löwenstein Medical division has been developing, marketing, and providing technical support for specialized neonatal equipment. This commitment spans the fields of thermal therapy with heat lamps, heated beds and incubators, patient monitoring in both hospital and homecare settings. Phototherapy systems to manage neonatal jaundice and highly specialized ventilation to treat immature lungs in preterm babies are part of a broad product range.

This is where our roots lie. We are committed to contributing to the care of these tenacious little fighters. Our aim is to conduct research, develop and deliver increasingly precise, customized ventilation and give the tiniest members of society the best possible start in life.

Designed, developed, and manufactured at our company headquarters in Bad Ems.

In 2003, our R&D department in Bad Ems embarked on the pioneering development of neonatal intensive care ventilators that became the LEONI family of products. Since 2007, these specialized products have been used in hospitals around the world.

With several thousand devices in over 80 countries, LEONI ventilators are considered among the best, most-established devices for specialized ventilation of preterm babies and neonates. The “Made in Germany” seal of quality is a national and international guarantee of innovation and excellence, held in high esteem by our customers and partners worldwide.

The system’s unique architecture focuses on smart and intuitive operation, thereby substantially reducing acoustic and visual stimuli during parent-child interactions. Users, caregivers and the tiniest patients all benefit from a safe, calm and comfortable ventilation environment.

LEONI 4 continues the tradition.

International research groups, consisting of leading development engineers, hospital staff and users, defined the requirements for this innovative ventilator. Decades of experience in innovation, coupled with pioneering technology, went into creating LEONI 4, the new premium class in neonatal ventilation.

LEONI 4 is expected to set new standards in user-friendliness with its excellent configurability and innovative operating concept, while significantly increasing operating safety.

Current key aspects such are hygiene, sustainability, ergonomics and communication will be implemented alongside functionality and high-performance ventilation. Particular emphasis is placed on comfort and safety

Here are just a few features worth mentioning. Invasive and non-invasive high-frequency ventilation based on the double-diaphragm principle with active inspiration and exhalation improve CO₂ elimination. In addition, the oxygen supply supports lung-protective ventilation, even during spontaneous breathing. The improved system architecture of the LEONI 4 allows nearly silent operation, particularly at high amplitudes and rates during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV).

Pre-launch event GNPI 2023 in Germany.

At the 49th Annual Congress of the Society of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care (GNPI), LEONI 4 was unveiled to the public for the first time in the pre-launch.

Numerous visitors attended the unveiling ceremony at the Löwenstein Medical booth. The pre-launch was accompanied by an exclusive customer event with specialist presentations on the Elbe river and at he Löwenstein Medical Symposium as part of the scientific Congress program. Over the next few days, our employees held a continuous round of conversations with numerous interested Congress attendees. The pre-launch proved a fantastic start for LEONI 4.

International debut of LEONI 4 at the ESPNIC Congress Athens 2023.

Shortly after the pre-launch event in Germany, LEONI 4 celebrated its international debut at the Annual Congress of the European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care. Here too, the new product generated lots of interest and the customer feedback was overwhelming.

In September, LEONI 4 was exhibited in Dublin at the INAC International Neonatology Association Conference.

Since then there have been some individual customer visits and training courses with all international branches and specialist dealers.

Market launch in Germany.

A controlled market launch is being prepared and gradually rolled out in Germany. Finally, the LEONI 4 registration will be completed before we can start registrations in non-CE mark countries outside Europe.

International marketing campaign.

An internationally focused marketing campaign accompanies the product launch of LEONI 4. The multilingual campaign includes communications activities for target groups. An image film, a teaser video, a landing page, product brochure, product calling card, rollup, and social media posts are some of the exciting contents.

Our image film for the LEONI 4 campaign.

Worth taking a look at!

LEONI 4 - briefly summarised:

  • Pioneering technology
  • Innovative and intuitive operating concept
  • High level of customisable configurability
  • Special focus on comfort and safety
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