prisma wireless samoa bluetooth connection

Smart therapy networks.

Wireless link between polygraph and sleep therapy devices.

A recipe for success from Löwenstein? We offer the entire gamut of ventilation – from a single source. Driving this innovation is our constant entrepreneurial endeavor to effectively link the various product areas so that we can optimize user-friendly, efficient, and powerful diagnostic and therapeutic options.

The white sleep therapy devices in the prisma SOFT/SMART series with direct Bluetooth connection to the Samoa polygraphy system support simple, meaningful diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring options in the home environment. Both datasets are timesynchronized and can be viewed in the MiniScreenViewer (MSV) analysis software. Optional post-processing of data can save healthcare professionals valuable time and optimize data validity.

For patients, this eliminates long waiting times for appointments to undergo routine examinations. Instead, they can perform these routine tests in the comfort of their own home where they ultimately then also receive the therapy.

Want to find out more? Then read our white paper Patient Self-Management in PAP Therapy“. 

Add-ons for prisma APP.

Various studies have examined the options to improve patients’ therapy adherence. Results show that individuals who actively engage with their therapy and can obtain information and support at any time are much more likely to adhere to what they are prescribed. Further development of the prisma APP has incorporated the many new features outlined below:

  • The integration of comprehensive FAQs on how to clean the device and accessories, options for PAP therapy and support for how to use the sleep therapy device.
  • Support for better homecare provider contact options. Homecare providers now have the option of storing and personalizing contact details in the app. This makes it easier for patients to contact the HCP for support.
  • Newly engineered to make it easier to view information on last night’s therapy, the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), the duration of use, and the deep sleep indicator. The sleep diary graphics for personal therapy support were redesigned.

Furthermore, the prisma APP can be linked directly via Bluetooth to the white devices in the prisma SOFT/SMART series. Comfort features can be changed and adjusted conveniently via the app. The prisma APP is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

prisma APP - briefly summarized:

  • Data is transferred via an activated Bluetooth
  • Cell phone application for your therapy
  • Digital therapy diary
  • Personal goals can be set via the app
  • Personal progress is displayed
  • Comfort settings can be set conveniently adjusted via your cell phone
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