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Patient Interface.

The key to better patient compliance.

In the homecare sector (sleep therapy and ventilation), the requirements are diverse: breathing masks must offer a perfect fit and a high level of comfort. At the same time, they need to be small, lightweight and easy to handle. Quiet and diffuse exhalation system, ball-and-socket joint for greater freedom of movement and an appealing appearance complete the package

In the clinical environment, the requirements have a different focus: breathing masks must maintain a good seal and remain stable even at high pressures. This is particularly challenging as the pressure difference between inspiration and expiration is often significant. Depending on the need, they must be reprocessable (reusable) or only used for one patient (single-patient use).


The right mask for every requirement.

One of the most crucial elements elements for a successful therapy is using the right mask for the patient. The products shown below are just a selection from our diverse range. We believe that every patient deserves a mask that fits them perfectly. 


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