CARA Full Face

Sleep soundly.

CARA Full Face, the successful homecare full face mask from Löwenstein Medical, wins patients over with its lightness, the gently fitting, precise mask cushion, the small, quiet, and diffuse exhalation system, adjustable headgear, excellent fit, and other clever details. By using fewer parts, handling is simplified, weight is reduced, and the environment is less burdened by material production and waste.

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May we introduce you to CARA Full Face?

Our CARA Full Face mask offers the right solution for almost every mask wearer and impresses patients and users with its numerous benefits. Night after night.

The mask makes a good first impression that lasts. The soft and supple mask cushion precisely conforms to the individual facial contours – perfect for long lasting comfort, without the need for forehead cushion.

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CARA Full Face is impeccably quiet. The exhalation system, perfected over decades, provides a diffuse airflow that does not disturb the patient or bed partner. Additionally, the exhalation system of the full face mask offers a closed upper part to prevent airflow towards the eyes.

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Product features

Simple assembly

Color-coded headgear makes it easy to put on.

Freedom of movement

Ball-and-socket joint with 360° and 3D rotation for unlimited freedom of movement while sleeping. 




The mask's lightweight design ensures a comfortable wearing experience and exceptional comfort.


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