JOYCEclinic Full Face

The right solution for every situation.

With our single-patient-use full face mask for non-invasive acute ventilation, you experience the usual high quality from Löwenstein Medical. JOYCEclinic Full Face allows fast and simple mask fittings and a secure, comfortable fit even at pressures of up to 50 hPa. The headgear, which remains firmly in place even at high pressures, can be released quickly and easily in an emergency thanks to a clearly visible quick-release cord.

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The advantages of the JOYCEclinic Full Face.

With the JOYCEclinic Full Face disposable mask from Löwenstein Medical, you will experience our usual quality - made in Germany. To find the right mask for every situation and every device combination, the mask offers four different, interchangeable elbows.

Thanks to single-patient use, including a maximum wearing time of 7 days, cross-contamination can be avoided.

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The four different, interchangeable elbow adapters are equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use lever - allowing you to find the suitable mask variant for every situation and device combination.

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Cushion and headgear are designed to work together for a good fit. The JOYCEclinic Full Face ensures quick and easy mask adjustments as well as a comfortable mask fit at pressures up to 50 hPa.

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