JOYCEeasy Full Face

Easy to Fit. Easy to Use.

Do you need a full-face mask that can be securely fixed to the forehead? Then choose JOYCEeasy Full Face - our proven full-face mask with balanced features. The JOYCEeasy Full Face is available in three sizes. For many years the mask has won over users with its reliable seal and fit, as well as its pleasantly quiet outflow of air, the freedom of movement provided by the ball-and-socket joint and the easy handling when cleaning the mask.

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JOYCEeasy Full Face - ingenious simplicity.

As a result of continuous product development, the successful JOYCEeasy Full Face mask from Löwenstein Medical impresses in many areas.

The JOYCEeasy Full Face scores points with its ball-and-socket joint for unlimited freedom of movement and the quiet and diffuse exhalation system for undisturbed sleep. JOYCEeasy Full Face is available in vented and non-vented versions.

Thanks to its good fit, leaks and pressure points are reduced to a minimum. The JOYCEeasy Full Face mask is particularly suitable for slim to narrow faces.

Product features

Quiet during the night

Quiet and diffuse exhalation system for a particulary peaceful sleep - for both patient and the bed partner.

Easy handling

It couldn't be easier: effortlessly put on and taken off, even with one hand.


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