JOYCEone Full Face

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Do you need a full face mask with forehead support that is quickly and efficiently adjustable? We offer you JOYCEone Full Face, the breathing mask in a size that fits almost everyone. Decades of mask expertise make this possible. Are you taking care of sleep apnea patients at home? Use JOYCEone Full Face, as you can almost always manage with just one size.

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The advantages of JOYCEone Full Face.

This full face mask from Löwenstein Medical combines all the advantages of the successful JOYCEone series: lightweight, compact, high wearing comfort, extremely durable materials, as well as easy handling and cleaning.

With its flexible spring design, the forehead support ensures that it always rests stably and comfortably on the forehead at the therapy-appropriate distance. The single-layer mask cushion works in an equally clever way. It is shaped in a way that it automatically finds the ideal position regardless of facial size

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Patients will love JOYCEone Full Face from the very first contact! This is because Löwenstein Medical's full face mask not only stands out with its precise fit and wearing comfort, but also ease of use: thanks to the unmistakable colour coding of the headgear and headgear clips, JOYCEone Full Face can be assembled quickly and correctly.

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In a nutshell: The intelligent JOYCEone Full Face principle helps you make the most use of your time without compromising on patient care.

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Product features

Quiet during the night

Quiet and diffuse exhalation system for a particulary peaceful sleep - for both patient and the bed partner.

A mask for nearly everyone

A mask that, thanks to its universal size, fits nearly all patients while also sitting reliably and securely.


When applying the mask, you save valuable time through the automatic adjustment of the forehead support and mask cushion.

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