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JULIA, the new nasal mask for sleep apnea patients is small, barely noticeable and sustainable, with an unobstructed field of vision. Made in Germany.

At first glance, some of the details are familiar, like the proven fit of the CARA mask cushions in three sizes and our quiet exhalation system with a diffuse flow in keeping with Löwenstein standards.

There’s something new too. JULIA offers an unobstructed field of vision without a forehead support, so eyeglasses can be worn along with the mask. The innovative head frame makes it easy to put on the mask and guarantees a comfortable, stable fit throughout the night.

With our new mask, we focus on sustainability. To make our future sustainable, we had to re-think production processes.

That’s what we’ve done with JULIA.

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Advantages with JULIA.

Compact and light, JULIA offers an open field of vision and a perfect fit – in every sleep position.

JULIA offers an open field of vision without a forehead support. The patient can keep to a favored evening routine of reading a book or watching TV while wearing glasses and a mask. 

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A good mask fit during sleep is the key to therapy success. The headgear plays a major role, especially when the mask has no forehead support. Stability is provided by the headgear frame of flexible, ergonomic 3D plastic.

With help from the stable frame, the headgear and mask slip on easily and never twist. The frame also gives the mask system the holding power it needs to stay in place in every sleep position—back, side or stomach—without leaving any marks behind.

julia mask patient interface nasal headgear

Established and proven product processes have to be rethought and made sustainable, i.e., future-proof. We conserve resources in the production of JULIA, use 80% of the regenerative raw material sugar cane in the packaging bag, and make JULIA recyclable by not mixing different types of material.

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JULIA. Experience and sustainability.

JULIA is the result of over 25 years of experience in the development of innovative masks. With JULIA, we are rethinking. Sustainably. 

You can find more informative instructions, application examples and helpful tips about our product portfolio on our YouTube channel.

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Product features

Energy consumption

By using modern methods and processes, energy consumption has been reduced by 66%.


Colour pigments are added to the raw material before it is processed into yarn. This has enabled the use of various chemicals to be reduced by 70%.

Fresh water

Changing processes in textile production saves 90% fresh water.

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