Reliable at high pressure too.

Most of the time, many people don't even notice their breathing. It's a natural, often effortless process. Patients with respiratory insufficiencies or sleep-related breathing disorders need help with this. LENA has been developed specifically for ventilation. The focus is primarily on a comfortable mask fit, especially when high pressures are applied or when the pressure difference between inspiration and expiration is considerable. LENA is available in vented and non-vented versions. We also offer the NV endoscopy adapter as an accessory.

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Different needs. One mask. LENA.

At high therapy pressures, three factors are crucial for an optimal mask fit. These are the mask cushion, the connection between the mask cushion and mask body and the headgear. LENA was developed with these factors in mind. In addition, LENA offers further details such as the quiet, diffuse exhalation system, the ball-and-socket joint, the intuitive handling, the integrated connection for oxygen supply, the various vented and non-vented versions and the accessories such as the quick-release cord and endoscopy adapter.

The mask cushion is characterized by its double lip. The therapy pressure creates an air cushion that provides a perfect seal without causing any pressure points. The shape mirrors the anatomy and is based on two factors: Our patient face database that has been growing for many years and the market feedback that is constantly collected and evaluated.

lena mask patient interface fullface cushion

Another important factor is the connection between the mask cushion and mask body. On the one hand, the connection must be stable during the therapy – both at constantly high pressures and with high pressure differences during inspiration and expiration with BiLevel therapy. On the other hand, the connection must be easy to disassemble to allow for simple and effective cleaning. This seems paradoxical, but LENA solves it well.

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The headgear completes the essential triad. The material of the headgear is so sturdy that the mask remains leak-free and stable even under high pressure differences. An individually adjustable forehead support with forehead cushion gives LENA extra support.

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Product features

Quiet during the night

Quiet and diffuse exhalation system for a particulary peaceful sleep - for both patient and the bed partner.

Simple assembly

Color-coded headgear makes it easy to put on.

Integrated O₂ introduction

The connection for the O2 supply is integrated.


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