LM Flo2

For a successful high-flow therapy.

Nasal high-flow therapy (NHFT) has become an important method of respiratory support for adult and pediatric patients with mild to moderate respiratory distress syndrome. Crucial for successful high-flow therapy are adequate conditioning of the breathing gas and a high-quality high-flow nasal cannula. For this form of therapy, Löwenstein Medical has developed the LM Flo2 high- flow nasal cannula in close collaboration with medical professionals, available in 3 different sizes.

Comfortable and efficient in use.

The LM Flo2 high-flow nasal cannula from Löwenstein Medical is made of a soft, skin-friendly material and strikes the perfect balance between efficient therapy and maximum comfort. The LM Flo2 is suitable for both adult and pediatric patients. The anatomically shaped nosepiece adapts individually and provides a high level of safety. Thanks to the use of carefully selected, safe materials, the LM Flo2 is MRI-compatible.

The smooth-fit prongs are flexible and supple. The special design of the prongs prevents them from bending. With their soft fit, skin irritation is avoided, making an important contribution to pressure sore prevention.

The anatomically shaped nose piece adapts individually and provides maximum skin protection through the use of carefully selected, safe materials. The highly elastic head strap is also impressive in terms of application. With its intuitive design, it adapts to the shape of the head and ensures a secure fit.

More freedom of movement for the patient is achieved by the option of intuitively connecting the tube to both sides of the LM Flo2 high-flow nasal cannula. The LM Flo2 has a smoothbore connection tube. The smooth inner walls ensure minimal resistance at high flows during application, thus enabling successful high-flow therapy. The Quick-Clip and tube holder ensure correct positioning and a secure fit of the prongs.

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