Ventura Total Face

Treatment success through an open design and clear view.

The Ventura Total Face Mask from WILAmed has been developed with patient comfort in mind. Its open design makes it less intimidating than other full face masks, thus allowing for better treatment outcomes with anxious or claustrophobic patients.

The advantages of the Ventura Total Face Mask from WILAmed.

Ventura Total Face is designed for use with clinically and non-clinically non-invasive ventilated patients and is suitable for both single and multi-patient use. The mask can be reprocessed quickly and easily.

The Total Face mask has features that inspire: three different (elbow) designs including head strap, three different sizes (S, M, L), suitable for mouth breathing and oligodontia, as well as for all common non-invasive ventilators. See for yourself.

ventura mask patient interface fullface vented left

The clean and clear mask body, the 360° rotatable mask angle and the soft silicone mask cushion provide patient comfort. The unrestricted and unobstructed view in all directions can increase acceptance among various patient groups, including anxious or claustrophobic patients. Thus, the Ventura Total Face mask thus ensures a smooth therapy process.

ventura mask patient interface fullface non vented left

The goal of the mask is to minimize pressure points, especially during prolonged mechanical ventilation. The ultra-soft, surgical silicon cushion ensures low pressure and a comfortable fit that provides all-round coverage of the face. Additionally, the mask is equipped with a 4-point mask strap that conforms closely to the natural shape of the head.

ventura mask patient interface fullface aav left

Product features

Long lasting

The mask can be used on a single patient for up to 14 days.

Safe in the MRI environment

The mask is MRI safe and can be used with MRI-compatible ventilation devices.

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