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Does your mask fit properly? Are you using your therapy device for a sufficient duration? You can find this and much more information about your therapy and sleep quality in prisma JOURNAL - clearly arranged and printable for different therapy periods. My prisma JOURNAL - your therapy diary. Sleep well and stay informed!

prisma JOURNAL at a glance.

Everything you need to know about your therapy - at a glance and just for you! Prisma JOURNAL is your therapy diary. It helps patients manage their therapy independently. The data can be easily and comprehensively displayed in prisma JOURNAL and reports can be generated from it.

Patient data is processed locally on the device and never transmitted to the Internet. All relevant therapy data is stored on the SD card.

Information on therapy and sleep quality can be found in prisma JOURNAL - clearly organized out and printer-friendly for different therapy periods.

The prisma JOURNAL gives you access to the data of the prismaLINE sleep therapy devices. It's that easy - just one click to your personal therapy diary

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