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Connective APAP therapy: Flexible. Secure. Reliable.

With prisma SMART in the plus and max variants, we offer modern and reliable APAP therapy trough integrated connectivity, precise event detection and a high level of patient comfort. The plus represents integrated Bluetooth® for data transmission to the prisma APP, enabling modern patient self-management. In addition, the max variants offer complete telemedical connectivity to prisma CLOUD via an integrated modem.

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The most important features at a glance.

Prisma SMART is available in the plus and max versions, both offering two dynamic options for pressure adjustment in APAP mode. The device is whisper-quiet, providing greater comfort, well-being and restful sleep for our patients and their partners. The well-known advantages of Löwenstein Medical's proven prisma devices are combined with modern connectivity. This allows you to always keep an eye on your therapy.

The prisma SMART in the max and plus variants enables intelligent networking between sleep diagnostics and sleep therapy. It is directly connected to our Samoa polygraph system - wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

Patient comfort is enhanced trough various functions and modes. For example, patients benefit from the softPAP pressure relief feature. Here, the pressure is lowered at the start of expiration and raised back to the therapy pressure at the start of inspiration, maximizing exhalation comfort and effectively avoiding events. In addition, the softSTART mode, characterized by a slow pressure increase over a preset time up to the therapy pressure, supports comfortable falling asleep. This facilitates acclimatization to therapy pressure during the sleep onset phase.

For a seamless therapy, the device reliably differentiates between obstructive and central apneas. This is made possible by the integrated Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT). FOT detects periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopneas, apneas and flow limitations.

Product features

Modern connectivity

Compatible and future-proof. Various interfaces such as SD, PSG, LAN and external modem offer various options for data transfer. Our software solutions (e.g. prismaTS, prisma APP and prisma CLOUD) are available for simple, flexible and secure therapy support.


prismaAQUA is the powerful respiratory air humidifier for the world of sleep apnea therapy devices. It humidifies and warms the breathing air to prevent the patient's mucous membranes from drying out.

Pressure reaction fits patient’s needs

Patients react with varying sensitivity to pressure adjustments. For effective therapy and breathing comfort, two options for pressure adjustments are available in APAP mode. In addition, a pressure increases at closed central events is avoided.


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