CPAP therapy with softPAP and FOT.

The CPAP therapy device prisma20C from the prismaLINE series by Löwenstein Medical represents a safe, effective, and whisper-quiet CPAP therapy made in Germany. It provides the physician with the right basis for decision-making for an indication-appropriate therapy and offers the patient a high level of comfort in CPAP mode.

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The special features of the prisma20C.

The prisma20C impresses with its modern and reliable design. In addition, the device features excellent blower technology for pressure regulation and remains pleasantly quiet even at high pressures.

Patient comfort is enhanced through various functions and modes. For example, softPAP pressure relief. This feature reduces pressure at the start of expiration and raises it back to the therapy pressure during the inspiration phase, facilitating expiration and prevent events. Additionally, the softSTART mode, characterized by a slow pressure increase over a preset time until therapy pressure is reached, supports falling asleep comfortably. This eases the adjustment to therapy pressure during the falling asleep phase.

Using Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT), the prisma20C can reliably distinguish between obstructive and central apneas. This allows the therapy to be tailored to the patient's needs and provides the treating physician with information for indication-appropriate therapy decisions. The algorithm not only distinguishes between apneas and hypopneas, but also displays other events such as Cheynes-Stokes breathing, flow limitations, snoring and RERA events.

The prisma20C is operated particularly quickly and intuitively thanks to the symbiosis of a large touch screen, user-friendly menu navigation and an intelligent user interface. This operating concept can be found on all prismaLINE devices, allowing for uncomplicated operation within the prismaLINE portfolio. Using the prismaTSlab software, remote adjustment is possible in the sleep laboratory, and it is also possible to set and read off the device remotely via prisma CLOUD.

Product features

Modern connectivity

Compatible and future-proof. Various interfaces such as SD, PSG, LAN and external modem offer various options for data transfer. Our software solutions (e.g. prismaTS, prisma APP and prisma CLOUD) are available for simple, flexible and secure therapy support.

Sensorless intelligent humidification

When using the prismaAQUA humidifier, smartAQUAcontrol can optionally be switched on: to quickly warm up the applied flow at the start of therapy and to ensure humidifier performance during periods of increased leakage. prismaAQUA can optionally be operated with a heated circuit. 


prismaAQUA is the powerful respiratory air humidifier for the world of sleep apnea therapy devices. It humidifies and warms the breathing air to prevent the patient's mucous membranes from drying out.


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