The powerful respiratory air humidifier.

Many patients suffer from dry mucous membranes during therapy. In cases of dry airways and breathing air perceived as too cold, the prismaAQUA respiratory air humidifier can be connected to the therapy device. The prismaAQUA humidifies and warms the breathing air to prevent drying out of the mucous membranes. The prismaAQUA respiratory air humidifier is the high-performance humidifier of our sleep therapy devices. prismaAQUA is available in black or white, depending on the sleep breathing therapy device model.

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The benefits at a glance.

The prismaAQUA is equipped with a convenient pre-warming function and an optional heated circuit. Moistening the air can provide relief for patients suffering from dry mucous membranes and increase therapy acceptance.

The respiratory air humidifier works according to the pass-over principle. The supplied air is passed over the warm water surface, increasing both the relative humidity and air temperature.

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Used for dry upper airways and air perceived as too cold. The prismaAQUA should only be used upon the recommendation of the treating physician and is not suitable for patients with an upper airway bypass.

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The black version is the high-performance humidifier for the prismaLINE. The white version is the powerful humidifier for prisma SMART/SOFT plus and max, the smart sleep breathing therapy devices from Löwenstein Medical, as well as for the prisma VENT series, the premium device series in ventilation therapy.

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