AcSV therapy with maximum flexibility.

prismaCR is the therapy device of choice for patients with periodic breathing (Cheyne-Stokes Respiration) as well as patients with central, mixed or complex breathing disorders.

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The top product of the prisma series combines a modern high-performance blower with Löwenstein Medical's clinically evaluated ventilation technology for the treatment of central and complex sleep-related breathing disorders. Anticyclic Servoventilation (AcSV) with automatic EPAP control and optional TriLevel technology offer excellent individual therapy options in a pressure range of 4-30 hPa.

The prismaCR impresses with its integrated Anticyclic Servoventilation (AcSV). Automatic back-up frequency combined with intra-breath regulation, allowing for rapid adjustment of pressure support even during the ongoing breath. The optional TriLevel pressure profile ensures additional, secure patient comfort in breathing.

Thanks to the large touch screen and intelligent menu navigation operation is intuitive and easy to understand. That convinces users.

Fast start to therapy and easy configuration with SCOPES for indication-specific pre-settings. Additionally, high safety is ensured through automatic or permanently set backup frequency.

Product features

Modern connectivity

Compatible and future-proof. Various interfaces such as SD, PSG, LAN and external modem offer various options for data transfer. Our software solutions (e.g. prismaTS, prisma APP and prisma CLOUD) are available for simple, flexible and secure therapy support.

Sensorless intelligent humidification

When using the prismaAQUA humidifier, smartAQUAcontrol can optionally be switched on: to quickly warm up the applied flow at the start of therapy and to ensure humidifier performance during periods of increased leakage. prismaAQUA can optionally be operated with a heated circuit. 

Fall asleep comfortably - softSTART

The softSTART function can be activated to help you fall asleep and slowly acclimate to therapy pressure during the sleep phase. This ensures a slow increase in pressure over a set period until therapy pressure is reached. This is particularly useful for patients who find high pressure uncomfortable while awake and cannot fall asleep.

Pressure relief softPAP

For comfortable expiration during therapy, the pressure in CPAP and autoCPAP mode is reduced at the start of expiration and increased to therapy pressure in time for the start of the inhalation phase to facilitate exhalation as much as possible and effectively prevent events.

Deep sleep and respiratory stability indicators

During therapy, prisma RECOVER continuously analyzes the patient’s breathing pattern and recognizes the phases of stable respiration that indicate deep sleep, a particularly restorative sleep phase. In BiLevel modes too the phases of highly stable respiration are detected and reported. For the first time ever, this function can assess therapy success regarding to sleep quality in prisma JOURNAL, prismaTS or tele-monitoring with prisma CLOUD.

Precise event recognition

With the help of “Forced Oscillation Technique” (FOT) in modes without back-up frequency or with “Forced Breath Technology” (FBT) in modes with backup frequency, reliably precise differentiation is made between central and obstructive apnea. Hypopnea too is reliably differentiated and recognized, as are other events such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration, flow limitations, snoring and RERA.


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