Polygraphy of the future.

The small and lightweight Samoa polygraphy device impresses with its functionality and design. It establishes a smart connection to the latest generation of sleep therapy devices from Löwenstein Medical and has been developed for standardized use in the diagnostic and therapeutic field.

made in germany loewenstein

The advantages of Samoa at a glance.

Samoa is not connected with the attributes "Smart, Simple & Small" for nothing.

Intelligent networking enables wireless data exchange between Samoa and the latest generation of Löwenstein Medical sleep therapy devices.

The use of Samoa is self-explanatory, thanks to the integrated color display and intuitive plugging and connection options for sensors.

Due to its small dimensions and low weight, Samoa offers patients a very comfortable wearing experience.

The polygraphy device is basically maintenance and service free. However, Löwenstein Medical offers regular inspections to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation in everyday use.


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