Polygraphy for versatile uses.

Scala is a classic polygraphy device for detecting sleep-related breathing disorders. In addition, the device comes with a standard package with various extensions to cater to different user groups – all in one device. Given its variety of options, Scala is highly suited for use in various specialties such as pneumology, cardiology, ENT, sleep medicine or neurology.

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Scala. The interesting features.

Scala has a number of special features that make it attractive to a wide range of users. Among other things, it offers the possibility to derive additional signals such as ECG or EMG via integrated electrophysiological inputs. In addition to measuring airflow using a differential pressure nasal cannula, the device also offers the option to measure the patient's respiratory airflow with a thermistor.

A sensor for snoring detection can be applied to the patient’s throat. The integrated differential pressure measurement for monitoring PAP and NIV therapies offers high-quality detection of the flow signal, especially at high and rapidly changing pressures. In addition to the pressure pad technology, Scala also allows parallel or alternative recording of respiratory movements with induction belts (RIP).

Four freely configurable electrode connection ports can be used for different electrophysiological tracings such as EMG, ECG or EEG.

It is possible to carry out an online measurement instead of the traditional offline measurement. Scala offers an optional WLAN variant, enabling both wired and wireless operation of the device for data transmission from the patient recorder to a computer. A time-synchronized recording of video and audio signals can be conducted, as can a time-synchronized feed of external analog signals from therapy devices or transcutaneous CO2 monitors.


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