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Today ‘s modern polysomnography systems must meet a wide range of requirements. With the new 65-channel PSG system Sonata, Löwenstein Medical offers a solution for a range of demanding uses. Based on over 25 years of experience in sleep diagnostics, Löwenstein Medical developed a PSG system with easy operation, attractive design, state-of-the-art technology and utmost flexibility.

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Sonata. The interesting features.

Regardless of the examination model required for your patients, Sonata provides you with versatile solutions for a variety of applications. A high degree of patient comfort, reliable diagnosis and effective handling of the hardware and software software are the primary focus.

With its 65 channels, Sonata offers several options for recording patient parameters. During sleep, respiratory events such as apneas are recorded, sleep quality is assessed through EEG measurements, oxygen saturation levels in the blood are monitored, leg movements and other parameters are measured, analyzed and interpreted later.

Sonata's operation is based on the AASM manual. This manual outlines standardized measurement arrangements, electrode placement guidelines, and digitization parameters. It also provides guidelines for sleep scoring.

Using Sonata incurs low follow-up costs. Measurements are conducted using durable sensors, ensuring long-term usability. The application is quick and easy for staff to perform with high signal quality.


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