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Giving the environment room to breathe.

What we do makes sense.

Every day, we work on life-sustaining medical technology. Every day, we question whether we can become even better, more relevant, and more ergonomical. It stands to reason that we develop a sense of responsibility. Not only do we design our products for longevity to avoid waste, reprocessing or recycling them, but we also strive to produce as locally as possible to keep our ecological footprint small and the benefits to the environment large. Naturally, our new buildings are constructed to be energy efficient, and we upgrade where we can. Sustainability is part of our corporate DNA. We work, research, and produce to improve the quality of life and save lives.

What we have already achieved.

Independence creates freedom of action.

Our mission is to improve patient care through innovative solutions. Be it in the hospital, nursing care or in home environment. Our entrepreneurial independence enables us to ensure long-term healthcare, even during crises. We work to ensure that we are quickly accessible and responsive whenever we are needed. This is a social responsibility we gladly embrace.

Sustainable materials and recycling cycles.

We aim to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Therefore, we use sustainable materials in production wherever possible. At our service center in Neuhäusel, devices are refurbished to extend their lifespan and conserve resources. In addition, we develop reusable products and implement them where single-use products can be avoided. We also prioritize sustainable raw materials for our packaging and introduce returnable packaging wherever possible. We take responsibility for recycling packaging for 700,000 homecare patients in Germany. A logistical challenge we are happy to take on.

We work under power and avoid everything superfluous.

Of course, we consume a lot of energy. However, we produce and work everywhere with green energy and rely on local energy supplies. We're still on our way, but we're already using a lot of green energy. Identical parts are being used in different products, saving energy, waste, electronic scrap and the need for multiple production lines. We screw metal parts instead of using adhesives, making recycling easier. As a result, most of our electronic waste is recycled. Material consumption is also significantly reduced by using flow sensors, paramagnetic FiO2 cells or replacing batteries as required.

Our new buildings are energy savers, and our existing offices, branches and production sites are equipped in such a way that energy is also saved there. From photovoltaics to heat pumps, from energy-saving light bulbs to triple glazing - we strive to be as gentle as possible with ourselves and our environment.

Longevity is sustainability par excellence.

Our products are long-lasting. And that is the best we can do for the environment. You can count on that.

Naturally local.

The majority of our suppliers come from the local regional area. Short transport and communication routes relieve the environment and strengthen the German economy. We think globally, which is why we produce locally. And of course we communicate to our suppliers about our idea of sustainability. This idea can only succeed as a whole if everyone works together to implement it. We expect openness and fairness. And a clear commitment to sustainability.

Taking responsibility for others too.

We expressly welcome the introduction of the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act and are setting the course to do even better. This law obliges companies to ensure compliance with human rights and environmental agreements along their entire supply chain. It is part of our Code of Conduct.

From person to person.

When it comes to our products, the safety of patients and healthcare staff is our top priority. We also place great value on safety in the working environment at our company and support our employees with a variety of health offerings.

For more than 35 years, we have been guaranteeing safe workplaces with good social benefits, fair salary systems and extensive training opportunities. Our comprehensive management system for occupational health and safety is certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. The ideas and suggestions of our employees are an integral part of our work planning. As a family, we listen to each other and implement what makes sense and benefits everyone.

The future begins now.

The United Nations 2030 Agenda defines and outlines goals in the fields of economy, ecology and social justice. We want to contribute to making these aims a reality.

Our sustainability strategy
focuses on 5 core UN goals.

Health for all.

Our intensive care and neonatology ventilators help reduce mortality rates worldwide. We remain operational in crisis situations, delivering equipment to where they are needed and donating medical technology to developing and emerging countries.

Economical use of water as a resource.

We utilize rainwater, treat wastewater and work with water-saving sanitary facilities.

Clean energy.

We use green electricity and consistently implement energy-saving measures. Motion detectors for lights, energy-saving lamps and photovoltaics are examples.

Decent work and fair economic growth.

Fairness and integrity are established values in our Code of Conduct for employees and business partners.

Environmentally friendly innovation and infrastructure.

Together with our national and international subsidiaries, we work on green technology in production, sustainable innovations and fair services.

Better today
than tomorrow.

Regulations on materials and substances still under discussion in the EU are already in use at our company. Because sometimes, being quicker is not only good for the environment, but also for the economy. Cleanly manufactured products can remain in use for longer and can be easily retrofitted for energy efficiency.

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