Active humidification in non-invasive ventilation.

With the AIRniva, WILAmed offers you the ideal respiratory air humidifier for non-invasive ventilation. The system can be used in combination with different ventilators and provides the mechanically ventilated patient with optimally conditioned respiratory gas.

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May we introduce you to the AIRniva?

Three modes of operation offer users and patients a wide range of applications for respiratory gas conditioning in non-invasive ventilation therapy. From continuous positive pressure ventilation to intensive respiratory support in clinical settings. Particularly noteworthy is the integrated New Ambient Temperature Sensing Technology (ATS), which takes into account the ambient temperature and adapts to the different environmental conditions at home and in the hospital. This makes therapy even more comfortable for the patient. The AIRniva can be used with heated and non-heated circuits, as well as with masks and nasal cannulas.

The AIRniva offers three different operating modes: NHW (Non Heated Wire) for operation without heated wire and temperature sensor, HWC (Heated Wire Calculated) for operation with heated wire but without a temperature sensor, and HWT (Heated Wire Temperature) for operation with both a heated wire and a temperature sensor. The respiratory air humidifier automatically detects the connected accessory at device startup and sets the mode accordingly.

AIRniva features intuitive technical alarm management and can be used with a variety of non-invasive ventilators.

The humidifier is very easy to use. It operates via two symbol buttons. Automatic function detection is activated at the start of the application, and humidification can be monitored at any time through the control display.

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