Air for an active life.

Inhale, exhale. We don't often pay attention to how we breathe, it's something our bodies do without us thinking about it. With LUISA, the new high-performance ventilator from Löwenstein Medical, this is now also true for ventilated patients. LUISA is particularly mobile, compact and lightweight. It works standing up or lying down and can be placed flexibly on wheelchairs or beds. A battery life of up to 18 hours increases the user's radius of action and sense of security. LUISA provides breathing air for an active, mobile life. The device can thus open up new ways and possibilities for users.

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May we introduce you to LUISA?

What she can do. What makes her special. And where her absolute strengths lie. With LUISA, we want to support you in leading an active and mobile life. But above all, to be sure that you have technology at your side that lets you breathe easy around the clock. Every day. Every night. Week after week.

LUISA works lying down or standing up. Set the position you need. When you are on the move or at home. Nothing holds you back. LUISA just keeps going and you can take a deep breath.

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We thought about it so you don't have to. LUISA is designed for intuitive use and includes all the modes and options you need to treat your patients effectively, including HFT, CPAP and MPV in any circuit without an adapter.

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With a battery life of approx. 18 hours, LUISA will accompany you through a long day. With three batteries and the option of constantly monitoring the running times. That gives you security.

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Information on the new firmware update V 1.9.0007.

Watch the following video to find out more about the changes and functions of the new LUISA firmware update.

Product features

10" high-resolution touchscreen

A display designed with simplicity, clarity, and intelligent user guidance in mind. Clean and simple. Why is that? To keep it safe.


Bluetooth, prisma CLOUD, app, monitor connection. At the level of connectivity, the security factor is also dominant. Connections that cover all eventualities.

FiO₂ and SpO₂ measurement

Consistent monitoring and measurement of oxygen levels in breath and blood. LUISA keeps track. LUISA manages.


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