prisma VENT40

Mobility and comfort at every level.

The prisma VENT40 from Löwenstein Medical offers its users safety and even more flexibility in non-life-supporting ventilation. With a wide pressure range up to 40 cmH2O and volume compensation, the device is ideally suited for treating a wide range of conditions.

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The main features of the prisma VENT40.

The prisma VENT40 from Löwenstein Medical impresses with its versatile features in a pressure range up to 40 cmH2O. The device is also whisper-quiet, ensuring greater comfort and well-being.

The functions AirTrap Control, Trigger lockout time and the expiratory ramp provide safety and comfort in ventilating COPD patients. The device can be optionally equipped with an internal battery for up to 10 hours of operation.

When using the prisma VENT40, there is the option of digital therapy monitoring. Up-to-date information can be accessed fully automatically and from anywhere via prisma CLOUD. It is also possible to adjust parameters remotely. The prismaTS therapy software for specialist users can also be utilized by the treating physician for data analysis and remote adjustments.

Integrated graphics assist the user in setting therapy parameters. This makes it easy to use right from the start.

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